Chapter 3: Floppy the Evil One with a Clarification on the Easter Bunny Clones

“That’s right, Mr. Martini. There is an Easter Bunny.”

-character McMurphy, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)

NOTE: The continued adventures of Floppy the bunny should not be confused with other characters that might appear similar and possibly just as dangerous. Floppy may have some resemblance to the resurrection (a necessity due to an over reaction by Homeland Security) of the Easter Bunny, particularly during the earlier genetic bunny versions. However, the following excerpt from this incident should provide the benefit of reading the full story.

“The Office of Homeland Security was already breathing down our necks, it being Thursday, three days till Easter. If we didn’t have a new Bunny for the U.S. government by good old Colored-Egg Day, someone was going to have to confess to shooting the Easter Bunny down for violating restricted airspace. And nobody wanted to fess up to that one. How did you explain to children all across the country that their government had blown a fuzzy bunny out of the air while he was super-sonic hopping over a missile silo? Kids, your government is so paranoid it isn’t even funny, and now there will be no Easter egg hunts.”

-reprinted by permission


Story copyright Kenneth Brady, published by the Fortean Bureau

Now that this possibly identity confusion is clarfied, the character of Floppy can be further explored without further diversions.

“There’s something screwy around here”

-Elmer Fudd

Some might consider this story at an end. Those would be wrong! The name of Floppy has been used historically for the more cute bunnies. However, the disreputable true “Floppy the martyr” has been shunned by the mainstream rabbit appreciation groups world wide. Rumors are not encouraged and the true nature of the Floppy name is only spoken in very brief terse words when necessary, and only to educate those on the dangers of this all too real mutant lepus!

Some strongly believe that Floppy will again rise from the isolation of the abandoned sub-surface temple on Easter Island. Most believe that the mangy rabbit has become deranged to the point that his unexplained charismatic nature has permanently disappeared. There are a secretive small dedicated group that take a more cautious approach and will not relax their vigilance against another Floppy insurrection or those unmentionable groups that revere the rise of the mutant rabbit again on the civilized world.

The final chapter will document the last known adventures of Floppy and his contribution to world peace in the search of money and fermented Yaks milk.


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