Chapter One: The Initial Flashback of Mutant Rabbits and More

PLEASE allow me relate a story of flashbacks and rabbit wars.

Penn State, late 70s. It was a dark and cold walk from the Phyrst saloon in State College shaking off the effects of a few more imported ales than normally accustomed. Watching the butter melt, the State College Diner lights mysteriously dim and the drips congeal into what looks like two ratty long ears! THIS moment with the hot sticky bun at the State College Diner created a flashback to 1969. The subsequent events provided are true to life.

It happened during a brief vacation from Bien Hoa, while sitting on a stool at the Texas Tavern in Sydney, Australia during Happy Hour (which really lasts for several hours). The larger than average rabbit with the dirty, matted, fur, and apparently chewed up ears sits down beside me after several futile attempts at not sliding off the polished wood seat. After offering the disheveled bunny a drink (which was no big deal, since all the drinks was free over there during happy hours),the odd creature relates a strange tale of intelligent dolphins (always armed with a modified POST slide rule under their flipper), and the recent battles of a strange mutant rabbit revolution.

Writing this off as the expected drunk bragging from a giant mutant bunny from the Outback, little additional thought was given. I recall his mumbling something about the apparition in the breakfast pastry, or something, while departing for drunken (the hippies, the horses, and the predominantly Department of Defense customers) horse back riding with enterprising hippies from a Bourke Street commune. The odd bunny was forgotten until the sticky (hot) bun with the melting butter some years later.

The years continue to pass, and for some odd reason, the link for the “Tuna Free Dolphin Meat” website pops up during a Google search. Well Damn! (I think to myself)! This sounds like the warped philosophical humor of some ultra right-wing , drift-net loving, scum sucker poking fun at us “true” environmentalists! Preparing to do cyber battle with this vile (and likely GOP) organization, little did I know, while mashing the mouse key on the hyperlink, that this would lead to the highly intelligent and computer literate dolphins of Australia! Continued sporadic communication related the stories of other (although land locked) species. The seemingly unrelated links (not hyper) between the Sydney Happy Hour bunny (remember this), the butter sopped State College Sticky Buns, and the technologically proficient dolphins (that document everything) stood out with clarity. Communications continued with the radical Dolphin group and seemingly unrelated events congealed like the butter on that sticky bun. This continues in the next chapter.


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