Wayward Bunny Tales Subepilogue 1: Visions through the Bullshit

“It is your prerogative to deny your mistakes, or to revel in them – to even pull off your pants and roll in them. The inability to lie well can often stand in the way of Truth.”

-J.R. “Bob” Dobbs, The SubGenius Foundation

Let it thus be known, that the training in the Wayward Bunny in Austrailia could fill several DVDs with text. At the former Texas Tavern in Sydney prior to the freighter departure back to the states Floppy put it best in his toast. “What happens in Austrailia, stays in Austrailia”. Floppy still doesn’t seem the icon of a former Bunny leader as he once again slides off the polished barstool (see Chapters 1 and 2) after 15 shots of Old Overholt.

Floppy’s foul breathe relates the whole point: “Brother Jhon, you have seen the light. You have yourself seen that once enlightened one can see through the bullshit to see the hidden diamond hidden in the foul bullshit, only to find it really isn’t a diamond but just a piece of extra shiny bullshit.”” Not an easy lesson. but important for some reason that was forgotten in the lava tube caves of Easter Island” relates the foul Bunny. Adjust yourself, and be one with the Wayward Bunny.

(as related to the Vapor by telepathetic communication)

“Santorum? Is that latin for asshole?”

-Senator Bob Kerry

“Ya know, some day scientists are gonna invent something that will outsmart a rabbit.”

-Bugs Bunny

“Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.”



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